Lake Lorraine Overhead Map

Friessen Development and Van Buskirk Companies, are working together to develop the largest lifestyle center in South Dakota. This bustling 85+ acre construction site is busy transforming the area around the lake into a regional destination unlike any other.


Phase I of the Lake Lorraine Lifestyle Centre involved the completion of two fully occupied Marketplace malls along Marion Road. Phase II is now underway, bringing with it the promise of national retailers, The Shoppes at Lake Lorraine, the Westlake Lorraine Office Building and the completion of a third Marketplace mall, among other projects.


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Friessen Construction Co., Inc, is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota construction and development company specializing in site development, excavation, demolition, material delivery, concrete construction, site utilities and snow removal services.


615 S. Marion Road
Sioux Falls, SD 57106







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Friessen Construction Co., Inc. • 615 S. Marion Road • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 • (605)332-6355